The Learning Environment – Importance of Classroom Layout

Studies have shown that classroom environment can have a significant impact on pupil’s learning and academic progress. However schools are potentially going to come under ever increasing pressure, with an anticipated further 750,000 extra places required by 2025, to make the best use of limited space in the classroom.

A successful classroom layout makes the best use of available space to create the right balance between teaching methods and learning styles that take place in a typical lesson. Innovations in the use the wireless devices and other technology in the modern classroom have also meant that the traditional way of delivering teaching from the front of class to rows of students has decreased in favour of more time spent interacting with students, whether in groups or individually.

Accessibility to all areas of the classroom and line of sight are important considerations for both teacher and pupil alike and it’s important, particularly in primary or nursery schools with younger pupils, to be able to create identified areas for different activities, such as reading corners, creative play and group activity areas.

Traditional rows allows for large class sizes in being able to fit a larger number of pupils in the available space, but not ideal for class discussion and depending on available space and corridors between tables, might be difficult to get in between or behind tables.

Horseshoe Great combination of front delivery and the ability to facilitate class discussion while still being able to get behind students to monitor work. For larger class sizes, two horseshoe shapes can be formed, one smaller inside the other.

Nested Groups Ideal for group and project work, but consideration needs to be given to the fact that some students may have their back to the teacher, so a compromise might be only having seating forwards or side on to the front of the classroom.

Combination A combination of layouts provides flexibility to address different activities within the class or perhaps match seating to pupil behavioural and performance issues

These are just handful of the most popular classroom configurations – obviously most classrooms are limited by either available space, class size or type of furniture and equipment available. Here at Ambic, we have a wide range of products suitable for most classroom configurations, including shaped tables for various table arrangements, and mobile tables / display units. The beauty of Ambic is that if you are searching for a particular product and we don’t currently make it, please give us a call or drop us a line, we love nothing more than a new product idea that we can add to our range!

We also offer free consultations so if you would like some advice on how a redesign of your classroom could make better use of the available space or suit a particular teaching style, please get in touch.

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