Schools in England are set to receive an increased £1.3 billion in funding together with a new funding formula to address previous variations in funding allocation between inner city schools and those in the rest of the country. Education secretary Justine Greening announced an increase in 0.5% per pupil from the next school year and a 1% increase from 2019-20.

Schools are also to be set minimum funding levels of £3,500 per pupil in primary schools and £4,800 per pupil in secondary schools.

The new national funding formula will also see funding going direct to schools from 2020 onwards, instead of through a formula decided by local authorities, an effort to reduce the longstanding inequality in school funding in different parts of the country.

While most headteachers welcomed the announcement, there is still a sense of disappointment and concern at the lack of additional funds to reflect rising costs since 2015.

All this means is that schools are still having to manage conflicting demands with limited budgets and having to make difficult choices in relation to where they spend their money to maintain their operational effectiveness.

When it comes to purchasing educational furniture some of the budget furniture available on the high street might seem like good value for money at the outset and a cheaper option than some purpose-made school furniture, but it needs to be highly durable to stand up to classroom demands.

If the product hasn’t been manufactured to cope with the stress and high-impact use in the classroom, its life-span may be shorter than furniture purpose-made for classroom use and therefore prove more costly in the long-run.

An investment in a modern purpose equipped classroom, conducive to a healthy and positive learning environment need not be a repeating cost every few years if the purchasing decisions are made with quality, robustness and longevity in mind.

Ambic have always had a very simple message at the core of their manufacturing philosophy – they don’t make cheap, mass-produced furniture. There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers who can offer a wide array of standard classroom furniture, usually off the shelf solutions which can be supplied at short notice. Ambic recognise that for most schools, furniture and classroom fittings represent significant spending from limited funds, and they want many, many years of use from their new furniture and equipment.

Ambic also make all their furniture to order, from the simplest classroom desk right up to full laboratory or canteen installations – this means that customers can request a wide range of variations in size, colour and design to their own individual specification, usually at no extra cost.

So whether you are just looking to replace a few tired looking classroom desks or planning a full refurbishment of existing rooms within your school, consider the benefits of furnishing your school with high quality furniture that’s going to do it’s job for a long, long time – one less thing to worry about in future years of financial uncertainty.